The Undecided Art Collective are a wildly enthused group of artists, musicians, makers and poets clustered primarily within the seaside town Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.

The collective was established in November 2011 in light of a growing realisation the local art-scene was lacking a distinct voice.

Since this inception, through various meetings, brain storming and the support and commitment of a network of dedicated volunteers, the Undecided Art Collective has blossomed from an idea into a passionate endeavour.

Our first aim has always been to provide a platform for which fringe artists can promote their work, share their ideas and mix with like-minded people. This ethos has resulted in a number of very well-received exhibitions held at Dixcey Art Studio in Ventnor, debuting in Summer 2012 as part of Ventnor Fringe Festival and roughly every 4 months thereon.

In August 2013, alongside our Summer Show, the Undecided Art Collective launched Undecided #1 ;  a high quality art book designed with a high aesthetic to further raise the profiles of the artists involved.

Future endeavour guaranteed!

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